Google Translate for Excel

Google Translate for Excel -This Add-in adds a Custom Function in your Excel® along with other built in functions which will help you easily translate text of strings from one language to other.

Google Translate for Excel

Google™ Translate for Excel®The function is very easy to use, and is used as any other Excel® function. There is a help file also available with this addin which details the various Languages that ca be converted using this add-in and the respective language codes.

This Add-in uses the Google Translate™ translation service API, or Bing Translation API or MyMeomory (Free 1000 Words free per Day, NO API, NO configurations) for translation.

New Version released v9.0.1 Read Release Notes.Excel translate with BingKey Highlight : Implemented No API Needed, No Configuration Needed, Free for 1000 Words per day. See Release Notes for screenshotsGoogle Translate for Excel new features

What is this software?
This software will create an Excel function for you to use to translate text in Excel using Google Translate API

How do you access the function?
The function is called “Translate”, you should see that in the function menu in Excel. Or you can simply type this in any cell as you will do with any other function.

What are the arguments of the function?
This function takes 3 arguments/parameters. Your Google API Key, the text you wish to translate, and the target language.

How do I get Google API to use?
It is very easy to get google API code. Read the documentation at the link below which describes the step by step process of getting API Keys from both Microsoft and Google.

Does Google charge me for translations?
Yes, initially there was no charge for the translations. But Google started charging for the translations in applications last year.

How much is the cost?
Please see Google’s pricing below.
Its very reasonable. Like $20 for 1 Million Characters

What’s new in V9.0.1 of this software?
Autodetect source language and ability to add your own API key.

Key Features
1) Store API in your computer
2) Easy to use
3) Only 2 arguments needed
4) Translate bug fixes around special characters like %, “, ‘ etc
5) Translate Full Workbook, Active sheet with one Click and Save Your formulas
6) Translate comments, text in shapes and buttons
7) Log of translations created on request
8) Check translation status

See the video demonstrations below.

Development roadmap

1) Add a new function to be able to simply identify a language in the cell – Now available
2) Add option to use Bing translate (which is free up to 2 Million Characters per Month) Now available
3) Automatic updates Now available
4) Store API in your computer and make the function use only 2 arguments, text to translate and the required language.
Now available

All updates are free for existing customers for lifetime.

24 * 7 email support, phone support also available if required.





Bing Translate 2.png

Bing Translate 3.png

System Requirements
Works with Microsoft® Excel® 97, 2000, 2002, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.
Any Windows Machine. Works on Surface Pro 4 and Hybrid laptops.
Use on Multiple PCs – the License is Floating

Installation Instructions :

1) Extract the files to your selected location
2) Run setup file
3) Apply the license

Get google translate in Excel with this easy to use plugin.

Licensing Options

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Corporate Upto 5 Users $167 per User
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  • Custom MSI Package
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