Google Translate™ translation service for Microsoft® Word® Documents (MS Word)

Google™ Translate for Microsoft Word® – New Version released in May 2018 v3.0 (Now Translate with BING API as well)

This add-in for Microsoft® Word® adds a new tab on the top of your MS Word application. Using this easy to use interface you can simply select a text and it will translate the text for you.

Google Translate for Word
All you will need is your Google’s Translation API key which is very easy to get. The video below shows how to get your API Key. With the latest version of this software you can also use Microsoft’s Translator Engine by adding the key for engine.

You can get the reliability and quality of Google Translate™ right into your MS Word documents.

You do not need to copy and paste your data in online tool and then paste the translation back in your documents.

With the purchase of this software you get lifetime updates to it.


What is this software?

This software will create a new tab in your MS Word application for you to use to translate word documents in Microsoft word using Google Translate API

How do you access the function? As soon as you install this software, you will see a new tab on your MS Word ribbon menu.

What will I need to get the software working?
You will need to get Google translation API available for free.

Does google charge me for translations?

Yes, initially there was no charge for the translations. But Google started charging for the translations in applications last year.

How much is the cost? Please see Google’s pricing below. Its very reasonable. Like $20 for 1 Million Characters

I do not have a lot of text to translate can I use this for free? Yes you can, you can use Micorsoft’s translator which provides initial million of characters for free.


* Auto-detect source language
* Seamless integration with MS Word application
* Google’s translation capabilities and quality right into Word application
* You have option to chose the translation engine you want to use (Google or Microsoft).
* Use CTRL+Z to revert back to original text if you are not happy with the translation
* One click install and life free time automatic updates
* 24×7 email support

See how it works below…. (Best viewed in HD full screen)







System Requirements

Installation Instructions :
1) Extract the files to your selected location
2) Run setup file and a new menu will show up in Excel. Works with Microsoft® Word® 97, 2000, 2002, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2016, Office 365, Office 2019

Personal Usage
$67 One Time
1 User 1 Machine
Email Support
(24 Hr Response Time)
Commercial Usage
$99 One Time
1 User 1 Machine
Email Support
(24 Hr Response Time)
Corporate (upto 5 Users)
$167 per User
Email Support
Custom MSI Package
(24 Hr Response Time)
Corporate (More than 5 Users)
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