Google Translate™ Excel® – Release Notes

For easier management and awareness of the new features in the software, this page is the one where you get all the latest updates and tutorials for new functions.

Version :
Released in February 2017

* New Settings form
* Now Translate comments, shapes and buttons
* Implemented Azure Cognitive services. Now, only one API key is required to make translations.


Version :
Released in December 2015

* Integrated new translation Service.
– No need for any API
– Upto 1000 Words per day for free
– new function available
=TranslateWithMyMemory(“hello”,”en”,”fr”) will give Bonjour.

MyMemory Translation in Excel

MyMemory is the world’s largest Translation Memory. MyMemory is 100% free.

It has been created collecting TMs from the European Union, United Nations and aligning the best domain specific multilingual websites.
– More details about MyMemory here

* Built in some Artificial Intelligence
– Software will take care of some special characters which generally do not need to be translated. For example, if you have “40% Growth” the result should ideally be “40% + translation of ‘Growth’ “. Some such issues are appropriately accounted for in this release.

* Built some checks while translating full workbooks

Version : and
Released in July 2014

* Further encoding issues when using Google Translate fixed. This should fix any weird characters in translated text issue.

Version :
Released in March 2014

* Fixed German encoding issue

Version :
Released in August 2013

* Fixed Japanese encoding issue
* New messages to help users use the right functions

Version :
Released in June 2013

Google Translate for Excel new features

* In this release, we have added options for you to be able to simply translate the full Excel workbook by clicking a button.

So, you can translate by…

1) Simply select a group of cells and click of Translate selected

2) Click on Translate ActiveSheet to translate all the content of your Excel sheet.

3) Click on Translate Workbook to translate all the content of your open Excel Workbook.

The software automatically identifies the Used cells in your selection, sheet and workbook and only translates them. This saves you any additional, unnecessary calls you the APIs.

* Also, in this version you have a new option to ignore the formula cells completely. This way when you translate the full workbook your formulas remain intact if you want to.

* What is it that we are working on for the next next Version 10 Release?
– Configure some reserved text which you would not like to be translated

– Translate Excel functions themselves. Like =Sum in English version of Excel is =Summe in German.

Version :
Released in May 2013

As you are aware Google Translation API is not free. So everytime you hit Google’s servers for machine level translation you pay a small fee.

However, Bing translation is Free at the moment for upto 2Million characters.

All supported Bing languages and the language codes to use in the program are listed below.

Microsoft Bing Translator Language Codes and Names

Follow the steps below to get your Free APP Id now and you can get started in minutes.

Microsoft Translator – Getting the API Key

1) Sign up for the Microsoft Translator API key using Windows Azure Marketplace:

Go to, then click “For Developers” and then “Sign up for the Microsoft Translator API”

You will need to decide on the subscription scheme you want to buy (or you can try this service out using a FREE signup for up to 2 M characters per month)

For this, you will have to create a Windows Live ID (unless you already have one)

Finally, go to the Windows Azure Marketplace, where you need to sign in and register your Microsoft Translator application.

Here you will create/get your “Client ID” and “Client Secret”. Enter both the Client ID and the Client Secret into the Settings and you are ready to go.

Bing Translate for Excel


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