Live currency exchange rates in Excel

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Live currency exchange rates in Excel

If you work with MS Excel and are dealing with Finances, trading in currencies, or selling your products in multiple currencies then managing values in various currencies can be a daunting task.

The problem is that there is no straight forward way to get the latest real time currencies in Excel. I mean you can of course use Microsoft’s online currency grabber but its not very user friendly in my opinion.

This is where this Live Currency in Excel addin comes in handy.

With this software not only you get the latest live currency exchange rates in Excel for free but also you change currency in Excel with various new functions which become available.

Excel currency conversion should not take a lot of time with this and you always have latest Live currency information.

This addins creates a new menu on the top of your Excel and implements exposes new currency functions for you to use. You can simply paste the results as values in case you do not want the numbers to be updates.

For those you want to change just keep them as formulas. And you the button on the menu to update the numbers with latest updates.

This addin uses a very sophisticated algorithm to get publicly & legally available information right into your Excel sheet.

See the video below as I demonstrate how easy it is to change currency in Excel with this addin and perform various similar tasks.

The video below is best viewed in HD


  • Live currency always
  • Currency change function =Fx_Convert(100,”USD”,”EUR”)
  • Functions to get all metrics of currency performance like Previous close, Open, Ask, Bid etc.
  • Select formulas and click a button to refresh numbers with the latest exchange rates
  • Automatic lifetime updates to the software


FX_Convert Example.png

Currency exchange rates in excel



System Requirements
Any Excel version from 2003 to 2013. Works only on Windows PC. Does not work on Apple MACs

Special Promotion

This software is available at a [su_highlight] one time payment of $37 for lifetime use (originally $97)[/su_highlight], you get lifetime updates for the software along with 247 email support. There is no monthly charge.

Get this now !!! You will love it. You can create your hedging models with live global currencies with ease without worrying about getting accurate and current exchange rates.

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